Our Sets

Dive through our elegant sets that will make you spellbound with the creative ideas and perfectly tailored designs. That’s not all, many, our creative juices will keep flowing and many more sets will be coming up for you to give you a unique experience every single time you visit our studio

Couple in the sky

Couple in the sky

From here you’ll get a different perspective. This is the most favorite one of all the couples as the background bridge gives the best possible pictures. The bridge is the fine spot for clicking multiple pictures at various angles, with every spot having its importance and view.



When it’s true love, it shows. At NR Studios, it shall GLARE! The Scenic “SunDil” set for evergreen Pre-wedding photo-shoots & other golden moments!

Mountain Wings

Mountain wings

“Spread your wings of love and fly in the sky of dreams and oneness.“ One of a kind “Mountain Wings“ setup for out of the box and fascinating couple photo shoots.

Pushpak Viman

pusphak viman

Pictures owe the grandeur of their lives to their backgrounds as much as the photographer! Celestially beautiful and grand Pushpak Viman at Nature’s Rays Studios

Tree House

Tree wings

In an abundance of pretty places , Picking the right one will make your pictures truly timeless! Like the “Tree House“ themed setup at Nature’s Rays Studios, Best suited for all kinds of couple & Pre-wedding photo-shoots.

Dancing Peacock

Dancing peacock

“A colossal source of nature’s inspiration! And a setting for moments as vibrant as her dance! The “DANCING PEACOCK” @ Nature’s Rays Studios“

Rock Dil

Roak Dil

A captivating & creative setup designed to integrate earthy yet astonishing rock formations. Best suited for all kinds of couple & Pre-wedding photo-shoots.

La Casa

La Casa

A luxurious & enticing setup, Designed to bring in grandeur into the photoshoots!

The Village

Village sets in Hyderabad

A new twist to an evergreen setup, The Village setup has been skillfully & thoughtfully designed to highlight and integrate rural beauty into photo shoots.

90 Lights

Light set

Fresh & out of the box setup to radiate your photoshoots, Specially for new age couple and pre-wedding photoshoots.

Love Set

Love set

The name pretty much tell you everything, An artistically crafted set that makes sure love ins in the air, and the frame!

Light Tree

Light Tree

A set that lets you use the light to your advantages with countless possibilities, Because a good background is as important as the camera for a picture!

Rays Room

Rays Rooms

A set up designed and built to highlight and integrate rural beauty into photo shoots through skillful & thoughtful crafting

London Street

London street

Ever thought you could go to London for a photoshoot!? Now you can! Designed to replicate the look & feel of the world famous London streets, This set is beyond perfect for any kind of photo shoots!