10 Best Tips for Pre Wedding Shoot

October 23, 2019

Tips to Ace the Photoshoot

In recent years, pre-wedding photography has gained popularity and is now it is pretty much the norm, which makes sure your precious moments The NR Studios is giving 10 Best Tips for pre-wedding Photo shoot to stay just as breath-taking. Here it has its challenges like finding the right positions, choosing the right angles, and most importantly cracking the nervous couple’s ice.

As long as the locations are concerned, we got you covered with the Best Places for Pre-Wedding Shoot in Hyderabad that will never let you need any other Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations.

Coming to everything else, here are valuable 10 Best Tips for pre-wedding Photo shoot  to help you smooth the process and produce amazing pictures to make your friends and customers happy.

10. Use A Longer Lens for More Heartfelt and Flattering Shots

A longer lens is a favourite of pre-wedding photoshoots as it creates beautiful images that not only compliment the best features of your subject but also produce a beautiful background blur that helps to keep them focused.

Mid-range lenses like a 50 mm lens can produce distortion that makes the subject look fuzzy and unflattering, so go for pre-wedding shots with an 85 mm or 200 mm lens (unless you want a pair landscape shot and then go for short lenses).

9. Shoot in “Burst Mode”

Shooting in burst mode lets you capture some fleeting moments between the pair, scenes that are unexpected but can be amazingly natural and real.

When the couple poses stiffly and nervously, the start will always be the trickiest. Yet they usually loosen up and act naturally after the pose, and this is your golden chance to get some really good shots.

8. Set Your Shutter Speed

Be cautious of motion blur when shooting in burst mode. You can prevent this by manually setting your shutter speed using the focal length of your lens as your reference. The longer the lens, the slower the shutter speed you need to stop blurring.

As a rule of thumb, 1/focal length should be your minimum shutter rate.

This works well for many photographers, given the proper handheld technique and lens image stabilizer, but the safe option is to increase it to 1/focal length*2 for optimum results if you still get a blurry image at this minimum shutter speed.

For starters, if you’re using a 200 mm lens, you should have a minimum shutter speed of 1/200 or 1/400 on the safe side.

7. Talk to the couple beforehand

Couples have different ideas for their pictures of their pre-wedding.

Many couples want it to be plain and normal, while others opt for editorial shots that are more glamorous. Before you do the session, it is important to discuss it, so you can deliver exactly what the clients expect.

The best way is to meet them, but it is not always possible, and in that case, the call will be made by phone or Skype. Take a closer look at their stories, personalities and important issues. When they met, what themes they have in mind, and if any exceptional moments can be introduced into the session of their relationship.

Normally couples have developed ideas before meeting the photographer, but it always helps when the photographer can come up with more creative ideas for the engagement session.

6. Let the client’s chimp

In photography, chimping is the humorous term that means looking at the pictures on the LCD screen.

For fast-paced activities such as weddings, chimping is not advised, but the opposite is true for pre-wedding sessions.

Show some of the good shots to your customers as this will raise their confidence and enthusiasm about the results. Some customers find it difficult to wait patiently for the finished pictures, so they will enjoy a little preview of some shots!

5. Not Always About the Faces

This may sound like a bit of weird advice for a pre-wedding session, but your gallery needs variations after many couple shots. You may add small details on the sand such as the closure of the engagement ring, the intertwined fingers or their barefoot feet.

The language of the body can tell as much as facial expressions do, and providing a gallery of pictures interspersed with these images will turn it to a different level.

4. Use backlight for dramatic shots

To get it right, you need a lot of practice, but once you’ve mastered using backlight for your shots, it will help a lot to create a dramatic effect for your pictures, particularly for pre-wedding photography.

Placing your subjects in front of the source of light will create beautiful rim light that highlights your subjects, separating them from the background and making them the emphasis.

3. Use Off-Camera Flash When Necessary

Not limited to making backlit images is the use of off-camera flash. Using the flash will help you add illumination to your subject in the afternoon when the light is too bright, enough to overshadow the sun and underexpose the sky.

The distance from the flash to the object depends on the strength of light you need. Holding the flash closer to the subject will shed more light on them and underexpose the background, providing a more noticeable contrast for a more dramatic look between the subject and the background.

2. Balance the Shoot with Candid Shots

Normally, it’s the time when the couple doesn’t know the camera they can let go, so keep your finger on the shutter button at all times, as you never know when the right moments are coming.

Overall, the results should have a balance between the photos that are elegantly framed and real, candid shots.

1.  Scout for the right locations

Lucky for you, Nature’s Rays Studios offers Best Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations in Hyderabad, with a wide range of Ideas and settings that have been tried & tested to be exceptional Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations in Hyderabad.

The best way to do this is to visit the sites, take note of the lighting, permission or payment if necessary, the crowd, and all the details.

Keep in mind the preferences of your customers in search of locations. Shy clients are likely to be awkward and uncomfortable being filmed with all eyes on them in a crowded place, so try to find a discreet solution for them.

Even if you’re not using all the places you’ve scouted, keep your future reference list for them. So these are the simple 10 Best Tips for pre-wedding Photo shoot which will make your shoot easy and joyful.

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